We at Aroma Spices Industry, manufacture a versatile range of spices that find application in cooking. The spices are processed and packed under the most hygienic conditions to ensure superior quality and purity.


Ground Spice

Ground spices are spices which are made into powder form using a grinder. Ground spices are derived by grinding a whole spice, roots of a plant or seeds.

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Blended Spice Powder

A blended spice powder is a mixture of spices of varying compositions. The powder is a pre-mix and only has to be added while cooking the food.

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Cooking Spices

We, at Aroma Spices produce a versatile range of cooking spices that have a balanced effect on the food. The cooking spices can only be used in certain foods for which they have been blended.It helps in enhancing the flavour and usually acts as a seasoning.

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Non Veg Blended Masala

We supply three kinds of blended non-veg masalas which are chicken masala, mutton masala and fish masala.

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Instant Mix

A processed food mix is a mix that contains all the ingredients. It is ready to cook food. The instant mix we supply requires just three easy steps to cook it. It is an ideal meal for a family. It is easy to cook and is time-saving. The instant mix we provide contains no added preservative or additives.It is completely made from natural and pure ingredients. The package contains all the spices, pulses and cereals, in a balanced proportion.

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Premium Masala

We supply a superb range of premium spices which enhance the flavour of any dish when sprinkled. The premium masalas can be used for making any dish.We use high quality spices while manufacturing our premium masala range.

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Non Veg Premium Masala

We, at Aroma Spices supply a wide range of premium non-veg masalas & these are available in best packaging. The masalas enhance the flavour and taste of the food. These masalas also maintain the natural flavour of the chicken, mutton and fish.Our products are free from additives.

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Powdered Spices

Our range of powered spices is extremely versatile. The ingredients used to blend the spices are handpicked. They are dried in the most hygienic conditions under strict supervision of our experts.

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